‘Charmed’ Bids Farewell To Madeleine Mantock’s ‘Macy’ With Heartbreaking Exit

The third time was decidedly NOT the charm for Madeleine Mantock, who is exiting The CW’s Charmed after playing eldest sister Macy Vaughn since the series was rebooted in 2018.
Mantock said earlier this week before tonight’s season finale that she would not be a part of the fourth season.
Deadline’s sister publication TVLine reported a somewhat tragic goodbye for the star.


In the season finale episode, Macy attempted to retrieve a supernatural fungus that could defat the Whispering Evil. However, she was overcome and became the Big Bad’s new host, causing her to swallow the deadly fungus to rid herself of the dark force.

A desperate attempt by Mel and Maggie to use a spell to help her sent all three sisters on a journey that explored Macy’s dream lifetime. A wedding with Harry, a skydiving excursion, a newborn baby were all part of what might have been.

Alas, even with Harry regaining his Whitelighter powers and the sisters’ efforts, Macy was a goner. Her spirit became one with the tree in the command center. Perhaps that leaves room for a return appearance of some sort.

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