Check Out Simon Cowell's New $112K Teeth

Simon Cowell is flashing a bright winning smile after having six figures worth of veneers installed in his mouth.

According to Page Six, Apa charges roughly $4,000 per tooth. Cowell had all 28 teeth treated, and the procedure took about six hours, split between two appointments. An unnamed source told the outlet that he "specifically wanted veneers that would be 'smaller' and 'less bulky' than his previous set, which was done by a different dentist."

The dental work comes almost three months after a major e-bike accident at Cowell's home in Malibu. But damaged teeth were the least of his problems—testing the $20,000 vehicle caused him to break his back in three places. The 60-year-old underwent a six-hour operation and a metal rod was inserted in his back. The incident compelled him to share a tip with his 11+ million followers on Twitter.

As a result of the accident, Cowell had to temporarily step away from the judges' table on America's Got Talent. Saturday Night Live cast member Keenan Thompson filled in for the season, which wrapped up in September.

In the meantime, Cowell is on the fast track to recovery. The Page Six report adds that "the TV personality is undergoing daily physio sessions and walking 10,000 steps per day to get his strength back up after the accident." While major back surgery can take a long time to bounce back from, we expect to see him in the judge's seat in time for season 16.

In a recent Instagram post, Cowell's Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Michael Apa, shared a pic with his happy patient. The Amerian Idol alum is clutching a signature golden ticket and Apa writes, "it [sic] official. i’m going to hollywood!! actually DUBAI THIS WEEKEND. and it truly is amazing working with amazing people. thank you @simoncowell for putting your trust in us."

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