Did Kim Kardashian Get Her Butt Reduced To Be Taken More Seriously As A Humanitarian?

Did Kim Kardashian get a butt reduction in order to be taken more seriously as a humanitarian and businesswoman? One gossip blog quotes an insider who claims Kardashian thinks her world-famous derriere is holding her back from moving her image forward. Gossip Cop looks into the allegations. 

Kim Kardashian Got Lipo On Her Butt To Boost Humanitarian Image?

According to MediaTakeOut, Kim Kardashian is attempting to completely change her image, from the outside in. The often debunked gossip blog spoke with an alleged insider supposedly close to the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star who claimed to have the inside scoop on Kardashian’s transformation. 

Apparently Kardashian had already undergone a new butt reduction procedure, the source insisted. She reportedly had liposuction performed in order to remove fat from her butt, the tattler claimed, all in an effort to change her body, thus changing her image to suit her new persona as a serious businesswoman and humanitarian. “Kim is still trying to be sexy, but more classy sexy,” the source confided. 

“[She’s] changing her body to look more runway model, and less Instagram model,” the dubious insider continued. The alleged insider then goes on to contradict themselves slightly with their next statement, telling MTO News, “Kim is not just a reality star or a model, she wants to be looked at as a humanitarian and a businesswoman.” The outlet also embedded one of Kardashian’s most recent Instagram photos as supposed proof of her “butt reduction.” 

Here’s The Photo That Sparked The Rumors

In the photo, Kardashian poses on the beach in a black, thong bikini with her back to the camera, cheekily showing off her famous backside as she smolders at the camera over her shoulder. 

We’re Not So Certain

Gossip Cop went back several months in Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed to see if we could detect any major difference between the reality star’s figure now versus several months ago. We went all the way back to Kardashian’s 40th birthday celebration last year and can report that there’s been no noticeable change. All the Kardashian sisters have admitted to touching up photos or otherwise using filters to alter their appearance, so any differences could possibly be attributed to that rather than surgery. 

Besides, getting her butt reduced to be taken “more seriously” sounds like a made up concept. Kardashian’s achievements in any field she chooses are not determined by what her body looks like and it’s outrageous for this outlet and it’s almost certainly made up source to claim otherwise.

There’s also the fact that this outlet has cried wolf before when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner family, particularly when it involves rumors about plastic surgery. This is the same blog, after all, that claimed Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner got a “full face transplant” using a risky procedure normally reserved for people who’d suffered extreme facial trauma. Of course that report was completely untrue, but that didn’t stop MTO News from posting it regardless. This outlet isn’t the place to go for accurate information about the Kardashian family.

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