Ex-US Embassy staffer drugged, sexually assaulted 23 women on video: Feds

A former staff member at the US Embassy in Mexico allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted at least 23 women over the past decade, federal investigators say.

Brian Jeffrey Raymond, 44, is being investigated after photos and video footage of the reported encounters were uncovered from a bedroom in his Mexico City apartment, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Beast.

The pictures and video showed several women who were unconscious and a man waving their limp arms and legs, holding open their eyelids and even putting his fingers in their mouth, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate they are unconscious. A number of them also show a nude Raymond, while others reportedly show him aroused.

Federal prosecutors say Raymond’s position at the Mexico City embassy remained unspecified since he was sent there in 2018 and that there were very few traces of him yet on the internet. The documents also noted that Raymond was fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and had worked in six other countries prior to arriving in Mexico City.

Raymond has “exerted power and control over unconscious women,” according to a court motion. Authorities described his actions in the filing as “evidence of his unique ability to portray a very different public face.”

The first domino for Raymond fell this past May, when Mexico City police responded to reports of a naked woman in distress on the balcony of Raymond’s apartment, She appeared to be extremely intoxicated, couldn’t walk on her own and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. This led police to detain Raymond, despite him claiming the encounter was consensual.

He returned to the United States the following day. While there, federal agents seized his personal and work phones.

What they found landed him behind bars.

The forensic search of his of Raymond’s devices turned up hundreds of photos and videos of naked, unconscious women being abused in both Mexico City and the Washington, D.C., metro area. The investigators looking at his search history also revealed things such as “passed out black girl,” “deep sleep,” “Ambien and alcohol and pass out,” “dissolve,” and “passed out and carried.”

Prosecutors believe Raymond continued using dating apps to meet women, even after he knew he was under investigation.

Federal authorities unearthed numerous chats between the suspect and various women who appear to be apologizing for blacking out, asking Raymond if they had sex, or saying they had no memory of the previous evening.

Police arrested Raymond in La Mesa, California earlier this month, where he had been staying with his parents after quitting his job. He is being charged with one count of coercion and enticement.

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