‘Fed Up’ Chip Gaines Tells Joanna To Stop Treating Him ‘As A Punching Bag’?

Chip and Joanna Gaines have turned their home renovation business into a media empire. One tabloid alleged earlier this year, the pressure was too much for the mom of five and she was bickering with her husband to cope. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Is Joanna Gaines Taking Her Stress Out On Her Husband?

After Joanna posted a blooper reel for her cooking show Magnolia Table to her Twitter account in April, Star reported the 43-year-old star was “running her self ragged.” Her list of responsibilities includes raising five kids, a $20 million media empire, a home renovation business, and the Magnolia network. “She’s driven and she’s getting more and more irritable behind the scenes,” an inside source said. 

This alleged change in behavior supposedly affected her marriage to husband Chip. Described as “fed up,” the unnamed source pointed out the couple had similar responsibilities but asserted that the 46-year-old dad was handling it better than his wife. “He’s busy too, but he doesn’t appreciate being treated as a punching bag.”

Anonymous Source And Identical Stories

Anonymous sources are always a bad sign when it comes to the credibility of a story. These quotes could have come from anywhere, including the publication’s own writers. Also, notice how no examples of Joanna’s irritability or mean comments towards her husband are given. If the source knows enough to be an insider, then they should know what’s being said between the couple. More importantly, the couple’s rep denies the charge and instead says that the two are having fun working on their network together.

This story is nearly identical to one Gossip Cop busted from the National Enquirer back in May. That publication claimed Joanna was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A non-stop workday, combined with parenting and little sleep, had the home renovation star exhausted all the time, according to the paper. Once again an anonymous source was used, this time saying Chip was worried and “telling her to slow down and stop drinking so much coffee.” It’s worth noting the National Enquirer and Star are sister outlets, meaning they are run by the same company. It’s not surprising they would use the same tactics to sell the same lie twice.

The Resell Value On Lies Is Apparently High

The National Enquirer and Star love to lie about Chip and Joanna Gaines. In November NE accused the Gaines of fighting over the Fixer Upper reboot, again alleging that the couple was sniping at one another. In March, the same outlet said Chip and Joanna were arguing about money in the wake of the pandemic. In May 2020, Star ran a story claiming that during the planning for the new TV network, the couple was making outrageous demands, making the network’s shows hard to sell to advisers, like these false claims are hard to sell to Gossip Cop.

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