Find Out Why Terry Bradshaw Is Feeling Like a Proud Grandpa on The Bradshaw Bunch

Terry & Tammy Bradshaw Enjoy Lunch Under Texas Eiffel Tower

"The Bradshaw family tradition continues!"

On tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, Terry Bradshaw wasn't broadcasting an NFL game, making an appearance at an event or showing off his singing chops. Instead, he was just a proud grandpa!

But before we get to Terry's cause for celebration, it's important to remember the very first episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, in which Terry explained that he has three daughters, "which means I have three problems."  

One of those problems was the fact that Lacey Luttrull, her husband Noah Hester and their two kids live all the way in Hawaii. While daughter Lacey and Terry's sidekick, 7-year-old Zurie, have long been on board to move to Texas, it's Noah who's needed convincing.

Now, back to tonight's Bradshaw Bunch, which saw Zurie take interest in a new hobby: equestrianism.

"Soccer, ballet, Jiu-Jitsu...we tried all these things, and horses are really the only thing she's been so excited about," Lacey explained in a confessional. 

Zurie was in luck, because as fans of the E! show may recall, Terry's daughter Erin Bradshaw just so happens to be a world champion equestrian and married to a top horse trainer. Terry himself is a longtime breeder, having established Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses over 25 years ago.

As Lacey put it, "Showing horses is clearly, like, a Bradshaw thing. Rachel and Erin both showed; My mom's super into showing now."

Lacey, however, is allergic—and not exactly thrilled at the idea of her daughter's latest hobby coming with quite the price tag.


"Way to pick the most expensive hobby," she joked alongside her husband. "Soccer cleats? 50 bucks. Horse? $15,000."

However, like Terry said, "horses are in our family." 

So to get Zurie started, it was decided she'd enter a horse show.

"Zurie's learning how to show at halter," Tammy explained. "It's based on how beautiful it looks, how well it's behaved. She just leads it around on a leash but doesn't ride it."

Naturally, Terry couldn't resist teasing his wife: "It's like me here at this house—just lead me around, wipe the drool off my face, admire my beauty, but don't ride me."

Meanwhile, Erin was over the moon about Zurie's newfound love of horses. She showed her niece around her trophy room filled with belt buckles and various awards, and afterward, Zurie told her mom, "I hope I can be as good as auntie Erin one day!"

"Maybe if we decide to stay in Texas auntie Erin can be my coach and you can buy me a horse," she added with a knowing smile. 

When the day of Zurie's competition finally came, it turned out she could only be accompanied by one person due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, that didn't mean the rest of the family couldn't tune in to Noah's DIY livestream!

Lacey, Erin and Rachel watched together while Terry and Tammy tuned in from their romantic getaway to Paris (Paris, Texas, that is!).

"Oh my god," Terry said as he watched Zurie, "That is just dead solid perfect!"


He continued to yell at the phone as if he was actually at the competition, urging Zurie, "Get his head up if you can, babe!"

Once Zurie's turn was over, both groups eagerly awaited the results. But before long, an announcement came that revealed Zurie had taken first place!

"Her first show and she took grand!" Tammy exclaimed as the others celebrated. Noah even began tearing up! 

"Good luck going back to Hawaii after that," Rachel added, with Erin also chiming in to say that Zurie's "a Texan now."

Terry made sure to remind Noah of exactly this at the end of the episode. Will it finally be enough to convince his son-in-law to make the move?

Find out on The Bradshaw Bunch season finale—featuring two back-back-back episodes—next week!

Watch a brand new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch Thursday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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