Goldie Teams With New Regency For TV Drama Series ‘Sine Tempore’ About “Survival In The City”

EXCLUSIVE: Following a competitive process, New Regency Television International is joining forces with UK musician and DJ Goldie on TV series Sine Tempore.

Goldie – real name Clifford Price – has spent the best part of a decade conceiving a TV event, in part inspired by his own life story. Set in an unnamed British metropolis in the 1970’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s – and infused with the music, fashion and art of the time – the series is described to us as “a sweeping, kinetic story of survival in the city and the shattering fallout of a fated love affair”.

The Revenant and The Beast Must Die producer New Regency is working with Goldie and writer-director Dan Cadan (Walk Like A Panther) on the scripts for the drama, before approaching buyers. Goldie also has an original soundtrack composed for the show.

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Ed Rubin and Emma Broughton serve as point executive producers for New Regency Television, while Goldie and Hannah Walters are executive producers for Tru Headz.

Goldie, best know for seminal 1995 drum & bass album Timeless, said: “I’ve lived with these characters and experiences for 25 years, going round in my head like fractured polaroids – they happened…but when did they happen? That was what led me to embark on Sine Tempore; piecing together these snapshots and then coming to terms with the trauma that ensued. Ultimately this is a story of hope for a younger generation and how you can overcome anything, by believing in a truthful idea. ‘A truthful idea will last in the honesty of time’ has always been my motto, and definitely rings true here.”

He continued: “It’s been such a pleasure working with Dan Cadan on this project, he has helped me unravel this story and bring it to life. And to be able to find a company like New Regency has been a godsend – it’s a very serendipitous moment in my life and has brought me to a point of realising that I’m ready to share my story with the world.”

Yariv Milchan, Chairman and CEO of New Regency, commented: “Goldie’s Sine Tempore is a true one-off, and exactly the sort of authentic, original and ground-breaking storytelling we embrace at New Regency.”

Ed Rubin, Head of New Regency Television, added: “I’m seriously beyond excited to be working with the innovator and legend that is Goldie, on such a deeply personal and ambitious piece of television. The scripts blew me away the first time I read them, they’re like nothing I’ve ever read before – much like the first time I heard Timeless. We can’t wait to bring Goldie’s singular vision to life on screen.”

New Regency TV most recently produced Britbox’s first original drama The Beast Must Die, starring Jared Harris, Cush Jumbo and Billy Howle. A second season is in the works. Also in the works are Mr & Mrs. Smith at Amazon with Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller Bridge to write and star, and The Crowded Room at Apple starring Tom Holland and written by Akiva Goldsman.

Goldie, a co-founder of label Metalheadz and a pioneer of 90s UK jungle and drum & bass music, has appeared in movies including The World Is Not Enough and Snatch. He’s also known for appearances on celebrity reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.

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