Harry Brant, son of billionaire Peter Brant and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, dead at 24

Harry Brant — the flamboyant fashionista son of polo-playing billionaire Peter Brant and supermodel Stephanie Seymour — has died of an accidental drug overdose, his family said on Monday. He was 24.

The gender-bending bon vivant — a hip couture icon along with his older brother Peter Jr. — was found dead on Sunday, just days before he was set to enter rehab, his parents said in a statement provided to The Post.

“It is with enormous sorrow that we share with you the news that our beloved son, Harry Brant, lost his battle with addiction and died due to an accidental overdose of prescription medication,” read the statement from Stephanie and Peter Brant.

“Our hearts are shattered. Harry wanted to overcome his addiction and was just days away from re-entering rehab.  

“We will forever be saddened that Harry’s life was cut short by this devastating disease. We ask that you please allow our family privacy as we attempt to cope with the loss of our beautiful, beautiful boy.”

Harry and his brother — frequently described as the male version of wealthy celebrity sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton — were known fixtures at New York City’s hottest parties and front-row attendees of top international fashion shows.

“Harry loved fashion and was a trailblazer of beauty and cosmetic products for men – collaborating with a major brand on a unisex cosmetic line,” his family said.

“He achieved a lot in his 24 years, but we will never get the chance to see how much more Harry could have done.”

Growing up in their privileged world, Harry would walk through the family’s mansion on its 300-acre estate in Greenwich, Ct., complete with dozens of ponies, a polo field — and 41-foot sculpture by Jeff Koons in the front yard — and get quizzed by his dad on the names of the artists whose priceless works adorned the walls, Harper’s Bazaar magazine wrote in a profile of the family in 2014.

“If I got it right, I would get a dollar,” Harry told the mag.

The brothers’ father Peter Sr. is the Queens-born owner of newsprint manufacturer White Birch Paper and Brant Publications, Inc., whose holdings include the Andy Warhol-founded Interview magazine. Peter Sr. also is a world-renowned art collector and famously loves playing polo, although reportedly with a temper, earning him the nickname “the John McEnroe of polo.”

The boys’ gorgeous mother Seymour was one of lingerie company Victoria’s Secret’s first — and most famous — Angels.

Her handsome sons inherited her modeling genes and have worked for various agencies — as well as created a unisex makeup line for MAC Cosmetics.

Still, the eccentric, Gucci-loving siblings — and their parents — have been no strangers to controversy over the years.

Harry Brant was busted in 2016 on larceny and drug raps for allegedly skipping out on a $27.85 cab fare and getting caught “with a white substance” that later tested positive as drugs.

That same year, his brother Peter was charged with assault after allegedly getting into a boozy brawl with a Port Authority cop at JFK Airport. In 2012, Peter also was caught joking online about killing President Obama.

In 2009, Peter Brant Sr. accused Seymour of being an “unfit mother” in divorce filings, alleging she popped pills and abused alcohol. The pair have since reconciled.

In 2014, Seymour was charged with DUI after reversing her Range Rover on a highway ramp and hitting a road sign.

Her husband also once did 84 days behind bars for tax evasion.

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