India Oxenberg says Keith Raniere starved her to look like 12-year-old

India Oxenberg wept Tuesday as she told a Brooklyn federal judge how Nxivm sex-cult leader Keith Raniere starved her to look like a 12-year-old while raping her.

As Raniere stared at the 29-year-old daughter of TV actress Catherine Oxenberg from the defense table during his sentencing hearing, India detailed the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of the sick sex-trafficking Svengali.

India — one of a string of victims to testify before Raniere’s sentencing — recalled “the horror of hearing his voice in the darkness’’ ordering her to get naked prior to having sex with her as a member of the upstate supposed self-improvement group Nxivm.

India said Raniere would rub his fingers across his initials branded on her body like cattle when he got to her.

“Waiting naked like a piece of meat, a branded, brain-washed sex slave,’’ India said, describing herself at the time.

“You raped me,’’ she added, addressing Raniere.

She described being branded by the self-proclaimed self-help guru, as were some other sex slaves — calling Raniere a “sadist, getting pleasure from watching our skin burn.

“I may have to live the rest of my life with Keith Raniere’s initials,’’ India Oxenberg told the judge — who could give the perverted con 15 years to life behind bars.

India said Raniere made sure to isolate her from loved ones to keep her under his wicked thumb.

“You tried to destroy my family by turning me against my own mother, telling me she was a psychopath,’’ India said, referring to mom Catherine, a blue-blood former star of “Dynasty.’’

India called herself Raniere’s “human science experiment’’ because he severely restricted her diet to keep her looking adolescent and depriving her of sleep.

She said she had “dozens of sexual encounters with a man I wasn’t attracted to’’ because he blackmailed her with “collateral,” what several former members have said included sex shots and intimate personal details about their lives.

India, who spent seven years with Nxivm, said she doled out $100,000 on its personal-development “curriculum’’ during that time.

India Oxenberg, right, a victim of Nxivm, arrives at the Eastern District of New York today.
India Oxenberg, right, a victim of Nxivm, arrives at the Eastern District of New York.Rashid Umar Abbasi

The woman — who did not testify at Raniere’s 2019 trial but has since spoken publicly about her ordeal — told federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis that she hopes the jurist slams Raniere with a life prison sentence.

Another former sex slave named Nicole also urged the judge to give Raniere the max — comparing the sicko to serial sex predators Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstin.

Staring at Raniere, Nicole referred to court documents that quoted Raniere as telling one of his former “first-line masters’’ in Nxivm’s secret all-female sub-cult DOS that the higher-up should get her own “f–k-toy slave’’ to groom for his pleasure, too.

“It felt like someone had taken a knife, stabbed me in the stomach and gutted me,’’ a sobbing Nicole said of hearing Raniere’s alleged words.

“[Nxivm] had never beeb about growth or strength or women’s empowerment. It had always been about this.

“I was one of those f–k-toy sex slaves. That was me,’’ said Nicole, who has claimed she was recruited into the group by former TV “Smallville’’ actress Allison Mack.

A total of 15 victims addressed the judge, most in person but a few by audio and video.

The women included Ivy Nevares, a former Nxivm member who lived with Raniere and had a child with him.

She recalled an instance in which he got angry at her for breaking the 400-calorie-a-day diet he’d put her own — because she dared to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds.

Referring to Raniere’s former first sex slave Camila, who told the judge she was 15 when he raped her and had sex with her two older sisters, Nevaris said, “It makes me sick to think he was raping a child, sleeping with her sisters, all while living with me.’’

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