Japan 3, Venezuela 0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-15)

Japan 3, Venezuela 0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-15)

Japan_Spiker-Y. Ishikawa (13-20), R. Takahashi (10-14) (won-total attempts); Blocker-Y. Ishikawa (1-5), T. Onodera (3-7), A. Yamauchi (3-10); Server-Y. Ishikawa (1-10), T. Onodera (1-8), M. Sekita (1-18), Y. Nishida (1-11); Scorer-Y. Ishikawa (15-35).

Venezuela_Spiker-W. Rivas Quijada (7-18), R. Fayola Hurtado (6-12), E. Valencia Gonzalez (6-8) (won-total attempts); Blocker-A. Velazquez Escalante (0-3), W. Rivas Quijada (0-3), F. Gonzalez (0-1), R. Fayola Hurtado (1-4), E. Rodriguez Gonzalez (0-1), L. Arias Guzman (0-1), R. Oramas Brizuela (0-2), J. Verdi (1-13), E. Valencia Gonzalez (0-7); Server-W. Rivas Quijada (1-9), J. Verdi (1-10), E. Valencia Gonzalez (1-9); Scorer-E. Rodriguez Gonzalez (9-29).

Referees_Luis Gerardo Macias, Mexico. Vladimir Simonovic, Serbia. Jacobus Nederhoed, Netherlands.

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