Jenna Maroney Would Kill--Maybe Literally--for Jane Krakowski's Musical Number in Schmigadoon!

Keegan-Michael Key Says "Schmigadoon!" Was a "No-Brainer"

Listen up, fives, a 10 is speaking singing.

Jane Krakowski is in the spotlight with her own musical number in this exclusive clip from Aug. 6's episode of Schmigadoon!. In the sneak peek, Melissa (Cecily Strong) apologizes to Countess Gabriele Von Blerkom (Krakowski) for stealing the affections of Jorge (Jaime Camil).

"I know it is bonkers for Jorge to choose me over you," Melissa notes to the beautiful noblewoman. "I mean, you could have anyone. Alfred Hitchcock would turn down a custard pie to torture you. Love is weird."

Surprisingly, the Countess claims she isn't upset by the situation and proceeds to sing a song about how this is typical for her. As the Countess gets poised to tell her tale, Melissa responds, "Wait, you get a song? Well that's surprising, you're kind of a minor cha—"

As if channeling Krakowski's other diva character, 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney, the Countess cuts off Melissa and shares her romantic woes, musically.

"Once I wooed a swede named Bjorn, had his maid bring him tea each morn," she belts. "Turns out horny Bjorn, he loved serving porn, and poof, went my plan."

As she continues her lament, the Countess declares herself "beautiful and clever," but someone who "always, always" never gets her man. We have a feeling the Countess is done losing to others as Melissa's backpack is suspiciously spotted in the back seat of the car.

In another universe, Jenna Maroney is executing this very same plan, song and all. 

Krakowski's Countess appears to be parodying the Baroness from The Sound of Music, which isn't surprising, as Schmigadoon! is a love letter to the Golden Age musical. And just like Captain von Trapp when saucy nun Maria (Julie Andrews) came to town, the poor (rich) Baroness gets ditched. 

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Watch the show-stopping number in the exclusive clip above!

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