Jimmy Kimmel Tackles Trump’s Attacks On Dr. Anthony Fauci: “He Is Definitely Jealous”

On Monday President Donald Trump came after the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him “a disaster” and “idiot.”  While the president’s harsh words may come from the differing stances he and Fauci share on the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimmy Kimmel thinks Trump’s insulting comments may stem from elsewhere.

“He is definitely jealous of all the positive attention Dr. Fauci gets,” Kimmel said on Monday.

The late night host’s comments come a couple days after the health expert’s 60 Minutes interview aired, in which he explained his frustration with Trump’s campaign ad where his comments were “taken out of context.”

In addition to saying that the Fauci airtime could’ve “triggered” the president, Kimmel continued to say that any further dismissal or downplay from Trump regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, would be fatal but would not get rid of the disease itself.

“I don’t know why Donald Trump still thinks he can ignore this virus and it will go away, that strategy, it didn’t work with Don Jr. and Eric and it isn’t going to work here,” the comedian quipped.

Trump’s anger with Fauci doesn’t make sense, given that he’s still running ads in which it seams the national health expert is lauding him for his control, or lack thereof, over the infectious disease.

At the end of the segment, Jimmy Kimmel Live offered viewers a look into what Trump’s next gig could be if he loses in November: household appliance repair.

The late night show featured a joke advertisement where the president, who spoke extensively about dishwashers and other appliances at recent rallies, spruces up run-down machines.

“He may have been a s**t president, but he can make your home great again,” the fake commercial says.

Watch the entire segment above.

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