Katy Perry Giving Orlando Bloom No Partying Ultimatum

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been together since 2016 and have one child together. A year ago, one tabloid claimed Bloom was partying too much and Perry was forcing him to stop. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story and where the couple stands today.

Partying All The Time

This time last year, Woman’s Day reported Perry had issued Bloom an ultimatum: give up partying or she was leaving. “Things have been bad between Katy and Orlando since they linked back up in LA,” a so-called insider told the rag, going on to blame COVID and quarantine for cracks in their relationship. “They’ve been kind of thrown together 24/7, which they’re certainly not used to.” When self-isolating, the Carnival Row star apparently struggled to “contain his partying ways.”

The magazine was vague about what “partying ways” exactly meant but they did  mention Bloom’s link to Selena Gomez nearly four years earlier. Perry, who was pregnant at the time with their first child, was thinking about cutting off his “freedom” when the baby arrived “and if he doesn’t like it, make no mistake, Katy will show him the door,” the source said. Of course this whole article was accompanied by various pictures of Bloom with female celebrities, such as Gomez, Liv Tyler, Cara Delevingne, and Charlize Theron.

Lockdown Shutdown

As Gossip Cop reported, no one was partying a year ago. The entire country was on lockdown, with California having some of the most restrictive guidelines. Restaurants and clubs were shut down and if the rag was to imply Bloom was drinking too much at home, how would a tabloid know that if everyone was in quarantine? Gossip Cop deemed the story totally false, noting that Bloom already had a son with ex-wife Miranda Kerr so the “the partying too much to be a father” claim didn’t check out. Tabloids love to publish drama about the actor and pop star, including the numerous false reports that the engaged couple has gotten married or have called off the wedding.

Something Fishy

Since then the engaged couple had their daughter Daisy Dove Bloom and seem to have a wonderful jovial relationship on social media. Last weekend, the actor wished his popstar fiance a happy mother’s day with an Instagram post of Bloom, decked out in fishing gear, holding a photoshopped picture of Perry as a mermaid. “Got myself a real catch,” he wrote. Her response? “Baby [please] can you bring me a bengal spice tea.” If Bloom’s version of partying is getting carried away with Photoshop, then the couple seems to be doing fine.

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