Lindsie Chrisley Reacts to Estranged Dad Todd's Post About Her Divorce

Lindsie Chrisley Slams Vile Remarks About Dad Todd's Coronavirus

Lindsie Chrisley has the mic. 

After Todd Chrisley's estranged oldest daughter announced her divorce from longtime husband Will Campbell, the reality patriarch shared a cryptic enough message on Instagram that fans suspected he was speaking about his firstborn, when he wrote about being "here" for someone. A week later, during the newest episode of her podcast with Kail Lowry, Coffee Convos, Lindsie addressed the Instagram post in question. 

"As you all know, I shared that I was going through a divorce and this has been something that has weighed heavily on me and my emotional state for some time now and it has been very, very freeing to be able to share that," she began, reading a pre-written statement. "We all know that social media is so scary and it can make hard situations in life so much harder."

"Along with processing sharing something that is so personal with the world," she continued, "it was brought to my attention that there was a post made by my dad on Instagram."

While she did not specify exactly what she was referring to—and noted that she is blocked, so she wouldn't be able to see it—it's possible Lindsie was referencing a picture Todd shared of a backyard facing water. "I'm here. I love you," he wrote in the caption.

"Whatever is going on in your life right now, I see it, and I'm working all things out for good, for you, my child. There is nothing you can do or have done that will make me ever love you less. I will protect you from anything, and anyone who tries's [sic] to harm you or your reputation. I am stronger than depression and anxiety. I am braver than loneliness, and nothing will ever exhaust me. I promise you I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am breathing a new wind into and over your life right now. Look for the favor and blessings I'm sending in this season your way because they are from me. I love you so much!"

He signed off on the post with, "-God and Todd #you know who you are."

Lindsie explained that she needs to process the "many feelings" she has about this before speaking about them. "Part of my homework in therapy for some time now has been disengagement," she said, "and I truly was shocked when I saw something so personal shared as we do have each other's numbers."

Thought she admitted they're "not in contact," their attorneys are, "so I have reached out privately and I feel certain that our legal teams will be in communication with each other over the coming weeks."

Lindsie also addressed her brother Chase Chrisley, who referenced her allegation that he and Todd attempted to blackmail her with a sex tape—which they've denied—on the Chrisley Confessions podcast. "There's obviously been a lot written and a lot talked about that was not true," Chase said, "but at the end of the day, no matter what happens, at the end of the day, Lindsie's still my sister and I love her and if she ever needed me, I'm a phone call away."

While she noted she appreciated "the extended olive branch," it's just the latest in what she calls "a pattern of repeated behavior from 2019."

She told listeners that she was cropped out of a family photo on Chase's Instagram account in August 2019. "When people (like yourselves) questioned that action, the rebuttal was, 'I only have one sister,' and that was in comments," she explained. "Later that week, when speaking to People magazine, the statement was conflicting—that he didn't understand why I was doing what I was doing to my family and that he loved me."

 Concluding the portion of the podcast, she shared her plan for the future for her relatives. "Regarding this, I have contacted my dad privately to rectify and handle in a private meeting, in good faith, before I move forward with the documents that I have that will not only clear my name of any false allegations against me, but will provide the true narrative and attempted smear campaign against me," she said. "I'm giving myself until the end of the week before acting on this as it's fair for everyone to be able to face each other. However, there has been no response thus far."

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