Man asked to remove Halloween display deemed ‘detrimental’ to children

A councilman in the UK was asked to remove his outdoor Halloween decorations because they’re “detrimental to the mental health” of kids — and 2020 is terrifying enough.

The holiday killjoy emailed Ashan Jeeawon over the allegedly offensive display — floating skeletons, a trio of witches and an eerie green light — at his Bexhill-on-Sea home in England, Ladbible reported.

“It is my belief that the Halloween celebrations are detrimental to the mental health of many people. In particular of children and the vulnerable,” the person wrote. “There are more than enough things happening in the world to scare people without adding to it with the spectrum of ghosts and witches.

“I would respectfully ask that you take down the display as soon as possible. It is important that we promote a message of hope and not a message of fear.”

Jeaawon, a councillor for Bexhill St. Stephens, put the matter out for referendum.

“I put a message out on the Bexhill Facebook page as I really wanted to find out from the public as to whether doing these decorations were giving people joy and something to fun look at or whether it was causing a detriment to people’s mental health,” he said.

“If it really was scaring children and vulnerable people, I’d have no hesitation in taking it down.”

Ashan Jeeawon
Ashan JeeawonAshan Jeeawon / SWNS.COM

“Lots of people said their kids have asked them to detour so they can look at the house when they drive past,” Jeeawon said. “I think there were 30 people on the page that said they suffered from mental health issues and that it was supporting them as opposed to it being detrimental.”

Jeeawon, who lives with his partner, sister, her three kids and his parents, decorates the house for every major holiday, including Christmas, Easter, Diwali and Armistice Day.

But Halloween seems to be his favorite.

“I normally wear a black cape and a mask from the ‘Scream’ films,” he said. “I stand in the front garden, I don’t move at all, and so they think I’m a statue. Once they walk past, I jump at them on the way out.”

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