Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Preparing ‘Hollywood Christening’ For Lilibet Diana?

Where will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold baby Lilibet Diana’s christening? One report says Markle is going to have a lavish Hollywood christening for her baby and won’t spare any expense doing so. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Money is No Object’

According to Heat, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to have Lilibet Diana’s christening their own way. A source says, “A lot of people in Harry’s circle are urging him to stick with tradition and hold Lili’s christening in England out of respect for the queen and the monarchy,” but the couple thinks that would be too stressful. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are instead opting for a more Hollywood flavor.

“They want to have a big christening for Lili in California,” a source says, “with their trusted friends and family,” including Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams. They reportedly want the best of everything for the affair, including quality food and children’s entertainers. The story concludes with a source saying, “This will be a joyous, classy occasion, done their way, with no outside pressure or guilt coming into the equation.”

Where Will It Be Held?

When’s the last time you saw photos of entertainers at a celebrity’s christening? The tabloid acts like it’s a birthday party, but it really isn’t. Even folks who document their lives on Instagram and Twitter — platforms Markle is not even on — rarely start posting photos of that event. From that standpoint, Gossip Cop seriously doubts that Markle would try to leverage the occasion for clout when she’s never led her life that way.

There’s no evidence that Markle is going to drop millions on a christening. The Daily Mail reported that Prince Harry wants the christening at Windsor with the queen present, which is worth noting. This outlet admittedly doesn’t have the best reputation either, for Markle famously sued its sister publication, the Mail on Sunday, over its reporting. We know it wouldn’t hesitate to bash Markle for an LA service if that was the case, so Gossip Cop isn’t too suspicious of the Windsor story.

The Daily Mail report is also a helpful reminder that Archie’s christening happened under “unprecedented secrecy.” The service only had 25 close friends and family who were advised to sneak out the back. Markle’s track record is the antithesis of the Heat story, so we can confidently say that story is completely false.

Other Tall Tales

This is the same outlet that claimed Markle was livid with Prince William for contracting the coronavirus. That story ended up being a bit of a bait-and-switch that lacked any real evidence. It also tried to invent drama about Markle refusing to return to England, but that got easily quashed once her pregnancy became public knowledge.

Most of all though, this Hollywood christening is perfectly in line with Heat’s previous story about Markle and Prince Harry holding a freedom party. It claimed the two were throwing a massive party to celebrate the end of COVID-19 and make themselves look like real A-listers. That never happened, so we know this tabloid just wants to attack the couple for living in Los Angeles. These hit pieces are rooted in hatred, not facts.

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