Miley Cyrus Criticized Over Fried Chicken In Underpants Showoff

Miley Cyrus playfully posed with some fried chicken, but now she’s facing some backlash from fans who thought the pop star was vegan.

Miley Cyrus wears a black suit against a black background on the red carpet
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Miley Cyrus, who has been chowing down on fried chicken while in her underpants, is getting the cold shoulder from fans as her video racks up views. The 28-year-old superstar singer made headlines ahead of Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, when an Instagram post gearing up to the annual red carpet event came with three slides.

Cyrus, who gave a nod to her partnership with wellness brand Hers and also included a mention of her #1 chart spot for her new Metallica cover, sandwiched the two with a video of herself casually munching on fried chicken. It looks like fans have beef – with the chicken.

Miley Cyrus Gobbles Fried Chicken In Her Undies

Scroll for the video, one requiring a swipe right. The “Prisoner” hit-maker, opening with a glam bathtub shot as she shouted out Hers, quickly moved to a look she’s better known for.

The former Disney star, all scruffy mullet and in an ab-flashing crop top, wore sexy satin underpants in red as she filmed herself in selfie mode. The video showed the blonde indulging in her favorite Southern snack, but fans are now confused – some, even slamming the star as they seem to think she’s vegan – she was.

See The Video Below

Cyrus was quickly told: “Not the chicken!” with another fan writing: “Isn’t Miley vegan? Wtf.” Meanwhile, a popular comment read: “I miss vegan Miley.” It looks like this set of fans missed the 2019 memo, though. See the singer’s words on her veganism after the video – swipe for the chicken.

Explains No Longer Being Vegan

Speaking a while back, Cyrus said in an interview, “I was vegan for a very long time and I’ve had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn’t functioning properly.”

Continuing, the “Wrecking Ball” hit-maker added: “Now I’m so much sharper than I was and I think that I was, at one point, pretty malnutritioned. I remember going to Glastonbury [music festival] and that was a show that I loved — I loved my performance — but I was running on empty.”

Those comments just kept on coming, though, as fan asked whether the singer is “still vegan.” Some, however, weren’t prepared to see her slammed. “Why do you care what she does? The only one you can control is your own self and own choices,” one follower angrily fired back.

Cyrus does not appear to have commented on the storm. Seeming to dig the post was 30-year-old Netflix star Jamie Lynn Spears.

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