Actress Samantha drops 'Akkineni' surname

It is a known fact that Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are rumored to be ending their wedding. While both of them stayed calm to date, their close circle also maintained silence. It was also reported that Naga Chaitanya avoided personal questions during his recent media interactions, regarding his movie Love Story. 

Samantha Akkineni's Saaki clothing brand

Samantha Akkineni's Saaki clothing brand

In collaboration with Sushruthi Krishna, Samantha Akkineni established an online apparel website 'Saaki' in September 2020. The online website that sells designed apparel for women, as a brand has completed one year. The excited entrepreneur in Samantha had sent goodies to all her family and friends on behalf of 'Saaki World'. 

Samantha also came up with a live session on Instagram, so as to celebrate the first anniversary of her apparel brand.  All her friends and fans wished her on the occasion. During the live session on Instagram, Samantha answered a few questions and queries.

Samantha-Naga Chaitanya wedding picture

Samantha ties the knot with Naga Chaitanya.Nagarjuna Twitter Account

Samantha about her moving out of Hyderabad

Amidst the divorce rumors, Samantha Akkineni speaks out about her not moving out of Hyderabad. During the Instagram live session, Samantha was asked if it is true that she is moving out to Mumbai. Samantha trashed those rumors and simply authenticated that she is not going to move out of Hyderabad. 

"I wonder how this rumor started, like hundred other rumors. It is not true that I am moving out of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is my home and is giving me all that I want. I am not going to leave my home", Samantha affirms. 

Well, though the clarification also indicates that all the rumors about her divorce from Naga Chaitanya are not true as well, she has not spoken anything directly related to it.