Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley seems to throw shade at Lisa Vanderpump

A picture’s worth a thousand words but Paul “PK” Kemsley only needed eleven.

PK, who is married to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dorit Kemsley, got caught up in some cast drama by apparently taking shots at Lisa Vanderpump with a shady social media comment.

After cast member Lisa Rinna posted a photo of herself edited to look like the “Mona Lisa,” PK seemingly shaded Vanderpump by commenting, “You ain’t no moaning Lisa, That title belongs to someone else…”

Vanderpump used to be close pals with PK and Dorit until they had a falling-out in 2019 over the infamous Puppygate drama that played out on “RHOBH.”

After PK’s comment, several “RHOBH” fans applauded his apparent shade while others called him out for being disrespectful and “classless.”

“pk saying it how it is🔥,” commented one fan.

“@paul_kemsley_pk could you be any tackier? Yes, yes you can I believe,” another wrote.

The drama between the Kemsleys and Vanderpump started after Dorit adopted a puppy named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice through the Vanderpump Dogs foundation but gave it to a friend after it attacked her husband and children. The dog’s new owner then allegedly dropped it off at a kill shelter — and Vanderpump found out.

The “RHOBH” cast then accused Vanderpump, who is no longer on the show, of working behind the scenes to make sure the incident became a storyline to make Kemsley look bad. Vanderpump, however, has maintained her innocence.

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