Repeat? Dodgers are super early World Series favorites for 2021

The Dodgers have finally won a World Series again, but you know the scary part? They may be just as good next year. Mookie Betts is in Dodger Blue for the next decade. Walker Buehler, Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager are still around. Same with Clayton Kershaw.

Vegas agrees, as the Dodgers are the World Series favorite again in 2021, according to BetMGM.

It’s very (very!) early to anoint such things, obviously — but these day-after-the-World Series odds are always fun. After the Dodgers, you’ll see it’s a bunch of the teams we just saw playing deep into October. Except the Rays are a little lower on the list than you might expect.

  1. Dodgers (+400)

  2. Yankees (+600)

  3. Braves (+800)

  4. White Sox (+1000)

  5. Padres (+1000)

  6. Rays (+1200)

  7. A’s (+1600)

  8. Twins (+1600)

  9. Reds (+2000)

  10. Indians (+2500)

  11. Mets (+2500)

  12. Cubs (+2500)

  13. Phillies (+3000)

  14. Astros (+3000)

  15. Cardinals (+3000)

  16. Brewers (+3000)

  17. Nationals (+3500)

  18. Blue Jays (+4000)

  19. Angels (+5000)

  20. Red Sox (+5000)

  21. Rockies (+8000)

  22. Marlins (+8000)

  23. Orioles (+8000)

  24. Giants (+8000)

  25. Tigers (+8000)

  26. Mariners (+8000)

  27. Diamondbacks (+10000)

  28. Rangers (+10000)

  29. Royals (+10000)

  30. Pirates (+15000)

The Dodgers are the odds on favorite to win the World Series again in 2021. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

A couple observations:

• Dodgers and Yankees? Yep, makes sense. Both could be juggernauts again in 2021.

• Marlins and Blue Jays made the playoffs but don’t seem to be getting a lot of respect.

• Would you take the Padres at that number? Hmmm.

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