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In a shocking turn of events, actor Ashutosh Kaushik has moved court to exercise his "right to be forgotten". Kaushik had won Roadies 5.0 in 2007 and Bigg Boss season 2 in 2008. He filed a plea in the Delhi High Court asking to invoke his right. Kaushik has sought to get the videos and pictures of his drunk driving case to be removed from every platform.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Winner – Ashutosh Kaushik

Bigg Boss Season 2 Winner – Ashutosh KaushikFacebook

The drunk driving case

Kaushik has said that the incident happened almost a decade ago but people haven't forgotten it. He added that the search on his name takes people to his drunk driving case, for which he paid the fine as well. The Roadies winner added that he had been thinking of filing the petition for a while but ultimately started working on it in last May. He added that he felt insulted and people form an opinion of him through that video.

Got the punishment for the crime

"I feel I have got the punishment for my crime, so why am I being punished for that, even now? Family members see it, tomorrow my kids will see it, so I felt I was still being punished for it. That's why I went to court. Beizzati si feel hoti hai. Rishtey bhi aaye toh videos dekh kar kaha ke, 'Ashutosh pee kar drame karta hai'. I have felt insulted many times and don't want to this to continue," he told Hindustan Times.

Delhi High Court

India Legal

Ashutosh also revealed that he went upto a couple of channels to get his videos removed. But, none of them budged. The court has now given Google and few other channels one month's time to respond. "The court felt the videos did violate my right to privacy at some level. All I want is for them to remove the videos and links," he added.