French Prez Macron's posters stuck on Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar road, later removed by cops

The Saudi Arabia authorities arrested a man who's speeding car crashed into one of the outer gates of Mecca''s Grand Mosque late Friday night, October 30. 

The spokesman for the Mecca region governorate, Sultan al-Dosari said that at 10:30 pm local time, the security authorities in Mecca responded to an accident where a car hit one of the entrance gates of the Grand Mosque.

Car rams into one of the gates of Mecca's grand mosque

Car rams into one of the gates of Mecca's grand mosque. Twitter

Authorities arrested the man inside, who appeared in an "abnormal" condition, the agency said, without elaborating. Police referred them, man, to prosecutors for possible charges, according to the report.

No casualties, the driver appeared to be in abnormal condition 

"The car swerved while moving at a high speed on one of the roads surrounding the southern courtyard of the Grand Mosque. Thankfully, no one was injured," as per local news reports. Video on social media corresponded to the news agency's account, with security forces later pushing the damaged sedan away.

The Grand Mosque houses the cube-shaped Kaaba that observant Muslims pray toward five times a day. Authorities had shut down the mosque amid the coronavirus pandemic but recently reopened it to small crowds of faithful.

The kingdom held a dramatically downsized, symbolic hajj pilgrimage in July due to concerns that it could easily have become a global superspreader event for the virus.

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