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On the Gist, the number of people who’ve already voted.

In the interview, Erin Murphy, the Des Moines Bureau Chief for Lee Enterprises in Iowa, joins Mike to talk about what the election looks like in his state. They discuss how Trump is faring with farmers, what the different races look like there, and the effect anti-gun groups may be having on the state elections.

In the spiel, Perdue and Ossoff face off in Georgia.

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Football news:

Jimenez will miss Atletico's games with Real Madrid and Salzburg due to a hip injury
Gladbach midfielder Neuhaus: it's a Pity that we didn't close the issue with reaching the 1/8 final of the Champions League. Let's clear this up in Madrid!
Ex-Manchester City and Arsenal defender Gael Clichy moved to Servette
Son of Maradona: number 10 should be withdrawn from circulation in Barca and other teams of his father
Diogo DotA: Ronaldo was my hero. For children from Portugal, he was always an example
Koeman will not be punished for speaking about VAR after the match with Real Madrid. He said that the system works against Barca
Some players of the Real Madrid Foundation believe that a change of coach will benefit the team (COPE)