This chair attaches to luggage so kids can ride on rolling suitcases

We all know how fussy kids can get when traveling. What feels like just a few minutes of walking to an adult can incite exhaustion, tantrums and a few groans from young children. 

With the Lugabug, parents can get from one place to another with ease. The Lugabug is a small, hammock-like chair that attaches to adult-sized luggage. The chair allows little ones to sit on a rolling suitcase as their parents drag it through an airport, parking lot or train station. 

“Kids love Lugabug because it’s an exciting way to cruise through the airport without falling behind or getting tired feet,” Lugabug’s Kickstarter campaign notes. “You will love it because Lugabug carries your kid for you. You’ll know where they are at all times and have a free hand to carry extra bags, a coffee or … nothing at all! And when you’re in a rush, with kids in tow, you’ll be grateful for Lugabug to help make your flight on time.” 

All parents have to do is slip the strap of the Lugabug over the handle of the suitcase, secure the side strap around the back and have the child sit in the chair. The Lugabug, which can hold kids aged 2 years and over or those who weigh 70 pounds or less, even comes with an optional seat belt for peace of mind.

The Lugabug launched following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $25,000 in 2015. Watch in the clip above as a mother and father secure their little ones to their luggage and take a stroll.

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