Watch Obama Casually Nail a 3-Pointer in Michigan Campaign Stop

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Former President Barack Obama speaks during a drive-in campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at Northwestern High School on October 31, 2020 in Flint, Michigan. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama was out campaigning with Joe Biden on Saturday. But a video of the basketball-loving president casually nailing a 3-point shot after a campaign stop in Flint, Michigan is likely to garner more attention than anything he said on the stump. “That’s what I do!” Obama said as he walked away. The video quickly went viral on social media and it was later posted to Obama’s own Twitter account. LeBron James took to Twitter to comment on the former president’s shot: “Now you just showing out now my friend!! That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!”

Obama and Biden held drive-in rallies in Flint and Detroit on Saturday as part of an effort to boost turnout in the key state that Donald Trump won in 2016. “Three days until the most important election of our lifetime—and that includes mine, which was pretty important,” Obama said. During the rallies, Obama harshly criticized Trump not only for his handling of the pandemic but also made things more personal, mocking the way the president seems obsessed with the size of his campaign rallies. “Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid? Was he traumatized?” Obama joked. “The country’s going through a pandemic. That’s not what you’re supposed to be worrying about.”

Obama repeatedly criticized Trump’s style of doing politics and used it to contrast with Biden, whom he called his “brother.” Trump “hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself or his friends or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show to give him the attention that he craves,” Obama said. “But unfortunately, the rest of us have to live with the consequences.”

The former president also seemed aghast that Trump was complaining that the media focused too much attention on the pandemic and blasted the president’s baseless allegations that doctors are somehow personally profiting from claiming that deaths are due to the coronavirus. “He’s jealous of COVID’s media coverage. And now he’s accusing doctors of profiting off of this pandemic,” Obama said. “He does not understand the notion that somebody would risk their lives to save others without making a buck.”

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